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The Age: Tomcar - Australia's last car maker

Jun 9, 2017
Articles / Press
"Tomcar are the future of manufacturing in Australia"

The Age, Thursday 9th June 2017

Ford, Toyota and Holden may be closing their doors in October but business is on the up for what is soon to be Australia's last remaining car maker.

Tomcar Australia makes small but tough off-road vehicles. 

"We have been growing exponentially the last couple of years," co-founder and chief executive David Brim says. "We are making one car every four days now." Turnover is just under $10 million a year and Tomcar is doubling production from the end of June.

Above: Aussie-made Tomcar on the dunes in South Australia

When Brim started Tomcar he says there was no such thing as a premium off-road vehicle.

"Most of them are mass produced and they're all made overseas and not for Australian conditions which are very harsh," he says. Tomcars are made to order in what Brim describes as "a very different system to traditional manufacturing".


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