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The Australian Built Tomcar is an Off Roader with a Difference...

Apr 5, 2016
Articles / Press
The Tomcar goes up against a Land Rover Defender and a Comp Truck...

Great re-release of an article which pits the 2 wheel drive Tomcar up against a 4WD Land Rover Defender and a Competition Off Road Vehicle. Read how our Aussie-made Tomcar battles the goliaths...

Here's are some quotes from the article and some photos from the day:

"...the Tomcar can carry between 400 and 650kg, and tow 1500kg. The suspension offers travel of 330mm at the front, 360mm at the rear which beats many 4WDs, and there’s 380mm of ground clearance when unloaded, or the same as a GQ Patrol when it’s on 40” tyres. There’s a rear differential lock, the chassis is one smooth plate underneath, and a full rollcage is standard. Approach and departure angles are around 80 degrees, and ramp angle bests most 4WDs with a 2” lift."

"I slip into the driver’s seat of the Tomcar, and the differences to a 4WD begin straight away. It’s lower to sit in, much lower than a standard 4WD, let alone a lifted one. The seat is a bucket type, and there’s a four-point harness.  The driving position is comfortable, with a tilt steering wheel and seat with forward and backward movement. Visibility is good."

"The Tomcar has grip aplenty but it doesn’t necessarily handle and respond in ways driving normal cars will prepare you for. You aren’t going to hold the Tomcar in lairy powerslides, but that’s fine, it’s a working vehicle and you don’t want your staff needing to learn the art of opposite lock when they should be doing their jobs. Indeed the handling is very safe – barrel into a corner too fast and most drivers brake and turn, which in a normal car is a recipe for sideways. Do that in a Tomcar and you weightshift to the front, so the steering wheels grip but there’s still plenty of traction on the rear so you just grip and go. For normal drivers that’s a safety net, and for the experts there’s a depth of capability to explore as you can take corners at speeds you would not believe."

"Onto the dirt road and the Tomcar doesn’t care, may as well be bitumen."

"I’m also driving much faster than would be advised in a 4WD because that long-travel independent suspension atop that light body just soaks up the bumps in ways I’ve never experienced before in a four-wheeled vehicle outside of desert race buggies."


05.04.16 - Written by Robert Pepper and published in Practical Motoring.



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