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We do things differently here at Tomcar Australia. You can only buy Tomcar vehicles and parts direct from our online store We sell direct as this reduces the need for expensive and often wasteful dealer networks. You deal direct with the manufacturer and we offer a full 3-year warranty on all vehicles.
If you would like to see a Tomcar in the flesh, we have a growing family of Tomcar Brand Ambassadors, or Reps, across Australia. Our Reps all own Tomcars themselves and are happy to organise demonstrations at your convenience. Just contact them direct using the list below or fill in this form, and we'll organise a demo for you with your nearest Rep.

You won't believe the Tomcar's build quality and how well it performs off-road - but don't take our word for it - go check one out. Try before you buy...


Tomcar Australia Manufacturing HQ
Oakleigh South, VIC
Ph: 1800 866 227

Werribee Tomcar
Spraycare, 1155 Aviation Road, Werribee South, VIC
Ph: 1800 866 227 / 0412 826 921 (Barry)

Melbourne Tomcar
The Don Kyatt Group, 245 Sunshine Road, Tottenham, VIC
Ph: 1800 866 227 / (03) 9325 9700 (Matthew)



Tasmania Tomcar
24 Bass Highway, Round Hill, Burnie, TAS
Ph: 1800 866 227 / 0418 375 830 (Mal)



Mike Carney Tomcar
154 Duckworth Street, Townsville, QLD
Ph: 1800 866 227 / 0418 776 698 (Chris)

Maranoa Tomcar
4132 Maranoa Road, Surat, QLD
Ph: 1800 866 227 / 07 4626 5421 (Chris)

Central Highlands Tomcar
54 Eclipse Street, Springsure, QLD
Ph: 1800 866 227 / 0417 723 010 (Matt)

Brisbane Tomcar
The Don Kyatt Group, 188 Kerry Road, Archerfield, QLD
Ph: 1800 866 227 / 0412 521 771 (Mark)



Box Hill Tomcar
793 Windsor Road, Box Hill, NSW
Ph: 1800 866 227 / 0450 020 123 (Col)

Tocumwal Tomcar
Old Berrigan Road, Tocumwal, NSW
Ph: 1800 866 227 / 0417 464 910 (Doug)



Max ATV Australia
Unit 6/35 Marjorie Street, Pinelands, Darwin, NT
Ph: 1800 866 227 / 0412 015 144 (Wayne)



Perth Tomcar
15 Walters Way, Forrestfield, WA
Ph: 1800 866 227 / 0488 224 944 (Steve)



Canberra Tomcar
Hall, ACT & NSW Southern Tablelands
Ph: 1800 866 227 / 0438 855 040 (Jason)



Ph: 1800 866 227

Can't find a Rep near you? Become a Rep yourself... call us on 1800 866 227 - it's simple and can add an income stream to an existing business you run...


NOTE (some stuff our lawyers wanted us to put here): Reps authorised to carry Tomcar vehicles and parts do so as independant businesses and are not part of Tomcar Australia Pty Ltd either in its own right or any of its associated or group companies.

Unless otherwise confirmed in writing by Tomcar Australia Pty Ltd, any warranty representation or statement made about the vehicles, their performance parameters and reliability, or anything connected with the sales, marketing or servicing of Tomcar are made by the Rep only, and not Tomcar Australia, and no responsibility is accepted by Tomcar Australia Pty Ltd in that regard. Statements of opinion made by dealers represent their own views and may not represent those of Tomcar Australia Pty Ltd, its directors or executives. Please call us anytime on 1800 TOMCAR (1800 866 227).


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